Hand Made




After the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history, a new wave of energy is radiating from the streets of Detroit. Its resilient communities of artisans have new levels of pride and an even more optimistic outlook for the future.


The know-how of Detroit’s industrial might is rising again. Proud Detroiters have taken it upon themselves to show the world we can still manufacture, design and assemble the best quality products in the world.


Hex Detroit has taken this design and manufacturing approach, showcasing the most elemental component of the assembly line, the Hex Nut, and has developed its premium Hex Gear product line with the ingenuity and industrial style that could only be born in Motown.


Every piece of the Hex Gear by Hex Detroit line is 100% constructed from authentic materials and finished with craftsmanship that can only be made by skilled artisans right here in Michigan.


Hex Detroit is proud to show the world what we are made of. We invite you to be part of our industrial re-evolution, part of Detroit’s resurgence, and part of how Detroit-style changes the world once again.








Photography by:  Lisa Spindler - Spindler Project

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