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Leather Bracelets
Black on Black
Business Card Holder
Key rings
Leather Samples
The First Three Belts
Three Michigan Mitts
Small Michigan Mitt
Michigan Bookends
Womans Grand River
Factory Colors
Factory Stamp
Woodward Ave. Belt
First Hex Product Ever
Canfield Avenue Belt Sample
Small Dog Collar
Red, White, Blue
Fruit Bowl
Guitar strap
Fruit Bowl
Fruit Bowl
Large Dog Set
Medium Dog Set
All Dog Products
Black & Tan
Bottle Opener
Collars Stacked
Mack Avenue Belt
West Grand Blvd. Belt
Giant Canfield Belt
Lafayette St. Belt
Black & Chrome
Michigan Ave. Belt
Small Dog Set
Guitar Strap
Guitar Strap
Guitar Strap
Guitar Strap
Guitar Strap
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